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Spain Is World’s Best Country to Visit in 2019: Here Are Top-5 Nations With Scenic Travel Destinations According to World Economic Forum

Spain (Photo Credits: David Mark from Pixabay) Washington D.C., September 6: Wondering where to land next? Well, how about a country which has over 3000 miles of coastline, about 48 UNESCO World Heritage sites and has been described as the best country to visit in the world? Yes, the Hispanic nation- Spain has been declared… Read More »

Is a Vegan Diet Best for Weight Loss?

To lose weight on a vegan diet, you’ll first want to calculate your calorie needs. It may also help to track your food intake for a few days to ensure that you’re on the right track with your daily calorie intake (1). Assuming you find the right calorie level, a vegan diet can be a great… Read More »

Best weight loss: One man shed an impressive 10st in one year with this diet plan – Express

When trying to shape up, some people might drastically cut different food groups from their diet. Looking to others who have been through a weight loss transformation of their own can be a great way to get inspiration. Recently, one man dropped from a whopping 25st to a less than 15st in just 11 months,… Read More »