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Improved stem cell approach could aid fight against Parkinson’s

Scientists have taken a key step towards improving an emerging class of treatments for Parkinson’s disease. The advance could markedly improve a next generation of therapies for the condition, which affects around one in 350 people in the UK. It could aid development of the promising treatment-; known as cell replacement therapy -; which was… Read More »

Common Signs You Could Have a Torn Meniscus

Conditions Colleen TraversDec 28 What is that nagging knee pain? Doctors reveal most frequently seen torn meniscus symptoms and what exactly to do about it. What is a meniscus? Martin Novak/Shutterstock It’s a piece of cartilage in your knee provides a cushion between your shin and thigh bones. Your meniscus helps promote overall joint health,… Read More »

Medical News Today: Multiple sclerosis: Could this be why myelin fails to regenerate?

Recent stem cell research could lead to a new way of treating inflammatory diseases, such as multiple sclerosis. New research into inflammatory diseases may have identified a way to treat MS. Multiple sclerosis (MS) causes loss of myelin, which is the fatty coating that insulates the fibers that carry electrical signals in the brain and… Read More »