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Weight loss diet: Ditching this food can help you burn belly fat fast – what can you eat? – Express

To lose weight, many people will drastically cut foods from their diet in the hopes of shaping up. Although there are many diet plans on the market, making a small change to your diet could see the best results. However, cutting back on one food in particular could be the key for shedding the pounds… Read More »

Disaster Aid Money Earmarked To Help Hurricane-Stricken Areas Diverted Toward Funding Border Detentions

Diverting funds appropriated by Congress is permitted only in extraordinary circumstances, and Democrats disagree that the crisis at the border warrants such a decision. The move comes as Puerto Rico, which still hasn’t recovered from past disasters, braces for Tropical Storm Dorian. The Wall Street Journal: Trump Administration To Divert Hurricane Relief Funds For Border… Read More »

AI may help to spot heart problems

A new way of identifying a common condition that causes the heart to beat irregularly may have been discovered by artificial intelligence. Atrial fibrillation affects one million people in the UK and increases the risk of stroke and long-term heart problems. It is relatively simple to diagnose when the heart is beating irregularly, but not… Read More »