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Spain Is World’s Best Country to Visit in 2019: Here Are Top-5 Nations With Scenic Travel Destinations According to World Economic Forum

Spain (Photo Credits: David Mark from Pixabay) Washington D.C., September 6: Wondering where to land next? Well, how about a country which has over 3000 miles of coastline, about 48 UNESCO World Heritage sites and has been described as the best country to visit in the world? Yes, the Hispanic nation- Spain has been declared… Read More »

Guys, Facebook Dating Is Here and It‘s Actually Super Legit

Facebook Dating is finally here, and it’s taking Facebook Official to a whole new level. The company introduced the new addition this morning, which allows any Facebook user who’s 18+ to create a dating profile separate—yes, Aunt Tilly won’t see you on it—from your main Fbook account. For free. The social network’s new dating space… Read More »