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what3words Addressing System for Medical Uses: Interview at CES 2019

January 9th, 2019 Editors Emergency Medicine, Exclusive, Informatics, Public Health, Society Modern medicine relies a great deal on advanced technologies, but some of these technologies introduce new complications and existing systems muddy the waters further. GPS, for example, is highly accurate, but GPS coordinates are difficult to use. Old fashioned addresses, on the other hand,… Read More »

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Excel Medical delivers new MDI solution for Epic's EHR

Medical device integration and analytics vendor Excel Medical, a company that markets technologies designed to eradicate unexpected deaths in hospitals, announced its solution for Epic. Excel said the offering delivers physiological data, including waveforms, vitals and clinical alarms, into Epic’s workflows across Hyperspace, Canto, Haiku and Rover applications. WHY IT MATTERS Today’s clinicians are overburdened… Read More »

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Medical News Today: Does magnesium hold the key to vitamin D benefits?

New research finds that magnesium may hold the key to understanding how vitamin D levels relate to health and disease. A recent study investigates the importance of magnesium in vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, has enjoyed something of a celebrity status, receiving praise for a multitude of health benefits.… Read More »

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