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5 quick PR tricks to cover up a lack of real health care news

As all researchers know, science is a grinding parade of failure and dead ends. But as we’ve often written, news release writers sometimes seem hell-bent on making the public believe otherwise. Like expert makeup artists, they can add sparkle to lackluster findings, mask blemishes in study designs, and smooth over unimpressive data. One thing I… Read More »

Medical News Today: Common pain relievers may worsen C. difficile infection

A study finds that certain pain relievers may promote Clostridium difficile infection. The results may help improve the management of the condition and its symptoms. Clostridium difficile infection is relatively common and can be serious. Clostridium difficile, also called C. difficile or C. diff, is a bacterium that causes inflammation of the colon. This health… Read More »

House Democrats Look To Hearings And Courts To Protect Affordable Care Act : Shots – Health News – NPR

Enlarge this image House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a speech Thursday to the new Congress that Democrats want “to lower health care costs and prescription drug prices and protect people with pre-existing medical conditions.” Carolyn Kaster/AP hide caption toggle caption Carolyn Kaster/AP In her first speech as speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi made… Read More »