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Look out for a Q4 surprise from BMS' Opdivo, but Merck's Keytruda will stay on top: analyst

When the dust settles on the fourth quarter, analysts expect Merck’s Keytruda to maintain its lead over archrival Opdivo from Bristol-Myers Squibb. But it’s Opdivo that could surprise Wall Street, one analyst says. Data from analytics firm Symphony Health put Opdivo’s Q4 sales in the U.S. at $ 1.24 billion, which would far surpass the $… Read More »

7 Exercises To Stay Heart Healthy

While most think exercise are good for muscle gains, “toning” and/or losing weight, the heart needs exercise just as much as any other muscle in the body. Heart health is simply your lifeline. Without the heart beating & pumping blood fueling oxygen/nutrients across the entire body, the body simply will be unable to function &… Read More »

How the EXPERTS stay healthy

How the EXPERTS stay healthy: In the season of coughs, colds and festive burnout, 9 medics reveal their personal tips Doctors, nutritionists, a psychologist, a personal trainer, and a pharmacist reveal their festive health tips One says not to use aspirin for a hangover, and others advise on how to avoid overindulging There are also… Read More »