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Too Much Time in the Sun? Skin Patch Might Tell

Print this page WEDNESDAY, Dec. 5, 2018 — A new mint-sized, battery-free patch that alerts wearers to potentially harmful sunlight exposure in real time might become a powerful weapon in preventing skin cancer. Powered by the sun while designed to measure its rays, the patch automatically transmits sun readings to a user’s smartphone. It works… Read More »

Newborn babies' brain responses to being touched on the face measured for the first time

A newborn baby’s brain responds to being touched on the face, according to new research co-led by UCL. Babies use this sense of touch — facial somatosensation — to find and latch onto their mother’s nipple, and should have this ability from birth. Premature babies often have difficulty feeding, and underdevelopment of their facial sensitivity… Read More »

Viewpoints: Health Care Fosters System-Wide Injustice To Elders; Stop Discussing Mental Health, Gun Reforms At The Same Time

Editorial pages focus on these health care topics and others. Stat: U.S. Hospitals Ignore Improving Elder Care. That’s A Mistake In the 21st century, health care is to elderhood as education is to childhood. But we don’t see bond measures for the “construction, expansion, renovation, and equipping” of hospitals to optimize care of old people,… Read More »